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The Art of Collaboration

‘Find something that brings you together’ Here are some helpful thoughts which Anne Bogart and Siti company members shared on collaboration. Who to collaborate with – its the people who stay in the room time after time, and it’s a gut thing. You realize you have something you want to say together and that you [...]

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Viewpoints/ Suzuki & wise words I heard from SITI theatre company

‘An actor is someone with a message’ (Suzuki) It is through the dialogue between Suzuki and Viewpoints, these two, very distinct, yet complimentary approaches to the art of acting that the philosophy and technique of SITI Company is continually explored, revitalized, and articulated. SITI company believe actors need to have a life long commitment to [...]

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Anne Bogart – SITI Company Q: What are we doing?

‘Actors are like astronauts going out to space to explore and then report back to earth’ After having received a scholarship for the SITI company intensive training in Saratoga Springs, New York, I lept at the chance to learn from the legendary Anne Bogart aswell as her phenomenal company members; Ellen Lauren, Barney O’Hanlon, J.Ed [...]

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Dr. Vayu Naidu – Storyteller

18th September 2011 ‘Words are symbols that crack open meaning’ I walked into this RSC workshop hearing uplifting Indian music playing which was to ‘energize’ the room. I met Vayu Naidu who is a very warm, open and generous woman. She has a company dedicated to the art of storytelling which comes from the Indic [...]

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Teatr Zar

17th September 2011 ‘An actor is a chord of sounds’ I first saw the work of Theatre Zar at The Barbican in September 2009 with their show, Gospels Of Childhood: The Triptych. I remember the three-part ritualistic show being a spiritual and sensual lamentation on birth, death, pleasure and pain, told through song, chanting and [...]

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Urban Arvon – Bloomsbury

15th – 17th July 2011 After having received a writing grant award from Arvon I set off with a notepad and pen on a three day adventure to the historic Gordon Square; the former home of Virginia Woolf. I wanted to get back to basics with the craft of poetry and define my voice within [...]

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Mike Alfreds Workshop

23rd-27th May 2011 A thorough and illuminating week long intensive workshop looking into ‘the world of a play’. I highly recommend his book, ‘Different Every Night’. The roots of the week were based in Stanislavski , explained in vivid clarity aswell as his own methods worked out over his years as a director. The way he [...]

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