‘..So much brilliance, irreverent creation and imagination’
Mark Rylance

‘Ms Lloyd is a gifted actor and a generous collaborator.  She works with intelligence and grace and is capable of great fire, focus and passion. Her enthusiasm is contagious and I beleive she has the potential to make a serious impression in the world.’
Anne Bogart (Director)

‘Lucinda Lloyd projects both Cathy’s effervescence and her despair – the moments when she loses control of herself are an intense experience, particularly in such a small space, but Lloyd completely goes for it, exposing Cathy’s emotional fragility wonderfully.’
The Stage – Catherine Usher

‘Cathy played by Lucinda Lloyd is a difficult character to capture. She goes from loving and sweet to being malicious and throwing wild temper tantrums. It is difficult to find this balance without tipping over the edge, yet Lloyd conquers this. You can see how Cathy becomes torn and sinks into despair as she is forced to choose between love and social expectations, nature and culture.’
What’s Peen Seen – Jess Resling

‘Lucinda Lloyd is a wonderful choice as Cathy: tender and fierce, playful but headstrong, it is a gift of a role and Lloyd is extremely watchable.’
Camden Review – Caroline David

‘Cathy played by Lucinda Lloyd is tempestuous, provocative, child-like – a delight and a nightmare.’
East End Review – Phoebe Cooke

‘Hecuba and her modern embodiment Willow, are played by Lucinda Lloyd who walks a captivating tight rope between despair and retaliation. It’s aways exciting to watch a character on the edge; wound so tightly she might shatter at any minute but never totally falling apart. The temptataion with this kind of tragedy can be to wail and and sob your way through it but Lloyd demonstrates how much more moving it is to watch a character struggle to hold themself together. ‘
Female Arts -Alexandra Birchfield

‘Lucinda Lloyd as Hecuba/Willow offers a wrenchingly committed and remorseless performance with aptly contrasted portrayals of both women.’
British Theatre – Tim Hochstrass

‘Led by a hugely capable performance from Lucinda Lloyd, her Willow/Hecuba is a desperate woman drawn to desperate measures – even her murderous revenge is easy to sympathise with.’
The Gizzle Review

‘Titania (Lucinda Lloyd) was played superbly, wavering between serene queen …and viscious lover, determined not to give way to her husband’s whims’
The Harrovian

‘Lucinda has that raw natural charisma, the kind that would be able to draw in and mesmerise and seduce and audience. She feels genuine…..One of the most stunningly simple, stylised performances I have ever seen is Lucinda Lloyd as Alison’

‘She has a unique ability to carry an intensity of subject and emotion with lightness that communicates.’
Vayu Naidu (Director)

“Lucinda is a wonderful, deep, creative, brave and collaborative actress who I would recommend to any director worthy of her talents.”  
Debs Paterson (Director)

‘Lucinda is a joy to work with. She absorbs like a sponge , is always eager for challenge, pushing boundaries and working collaboratively, sensitively and creatively.’
Vivienne Rochester  (Director)

‘Lucinda is a charismatic, passionate and in the moment actress. Her Helena in ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’, was a unique and exciting take on this role. Lucinda is a joy to work with and a consummate professional, who I would definitely employ again.’
Petina Hapgood (Director)

“When it comes to on-set presence, Lucinda is 200% there.”
Mihaal Danziger (Director)

‘One can only marvel at Lucinda’s translucent performance that leaves absent any trace of an actor doing a job. Rare qualities for an actor and Lucinda is a rare, brilliant actor. She is devoted to her work all the way through.’
Marios Mettis (Director)

‘What a joy to have shared time and space with Lucinda. For a month of hard work and  exploration she continued to bring desire and a willingness to face new challenges, she has talent to match her commitment and she understands collaboration, both the joy and the difficulties.’
J.Ed Araiza (SITI Company, UCLA Head of Graduate Acting)